Thursday, June 17, 2010

BoL foe: Gren Ilyria the Crimson Lady

Lord Ulfrix pushed aside the crimson velvet curtains and stomped into the stone basement, 20 of his best spearmen behind him - each of them clad in the purple cloaks, bronze breastplates, greaves and helmets of his Tigers of Lix.
The scene that the warlord was confronted with made him gasp with horror.
The formerly bare stone room had been decked out and draped with velvet and pelts and at least 30 naked forms writhed in the midst of passion.
In font of him his personal batman was pumped enthusiasticallywhile a young slave girl screamed with pleasure, further away a woman crouched dog-like while two men -
"What manner of filth is this?!" Ulfrix yelled. With one swift motion he drew his sword, bringing the blade about he struck it loudly against the steel rim of his shield.
The rumours were true, it seemed. The warlord beat his sword against the shield even harder.
Oblivious the couples continued their carnal act.
And then from the rear of the hall she stood. A tall, beautiful form rose from the mass of naked flesh.
His young wife Gren stood - naked save for the red cloak thrown over her shoulders and the giant horns that rested on her head.
It had been four years since the warlord had left his home to campaign, four years that he hadn't seen his new wife and now she walked in public almost as naked as the day she was born.
Ulfrix started to stutter a reply but the woman held out one hand - and suddenly the head dress she wore began to hum. She wore a thick leather headband that had two great black horns affixed to it.
"What matter of evil is this?" he growly - only to be confronted by two of his men who stepped forward.
Luhj, one of his toughest fighters, let his spear clatter to the ground and clasped Ruk, a devoted family man when not on the battlefield, by the shoulders.
The pair began to paw at each other, their mouths meeting.
His protest died on his lips as Ulfrix's men began to grasp each other or run into the orgy presented before them.
"Fall on your knees, man and realise the power of Gren Illyria - The Crimson Lady"

Gren Ilyria the Crimson Lady
St: -1
Ap: 4

Mle: 1
Rng: 2
Dfc: 1

Lifeblood: 9

Wizard: 2
Scribe: 0
Dancer: 1
Priest: 1

Boons: Attractive, Magic of the Sorcerer-Kings
Flaws: Addiction

Dagger, spellbooks and components, The Horns of Lust

Gren Illria, sometimes known as the Crimson Lady is a seductress and enchanter of the highest form.
It is whispered that she started life as one of the Temple Virgins of Knothakon, God of Wisdom but soon tired of the duty after learning all that she could.
What is know is that this beautiful woman, who looks hardly a day of 20 is actually well into her second century.
Somewhere along the way she made a pact with a dark god who bestowed a frightening head dress upon her in exchange for horrible sacrifice. The horned head dress feeds on lust, giving the wearer extreme power and negating the effects of aging.
Over the years Gren has appeared everywhere - as the young wife of rulers, the court sorcerer, owner of a high class brothel, a wandering rogue - and every where she has gone lust, chaos and destruction follow.


  1. Of all of the NPCs that NEEDS to be illustrated! O,.O

  2. Agreed ! and an excellent foe to pit PCs against.

  3. Hah! Thanks guys. I was thinking as much too, I reckon she'd look a little Marryanne Forrester from True Blood like? But without anything on
    I actually did this post at work and there's only so many times they'll let you google "nude wizard ladies"...