Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long time between posts and - a new shirt

Sorry guys, between real life and such I've really been neglecting this blog.

But something happened last week that made me remember why a) I started up this little venture and b) why I enjoy gaming so much.

As many of you may have seen, I enjoy a pretty good relationship with the old salt at - if you've not checked it out - DO SO.

Pao has lots to say and only 50 per cent of it is the mad mutterings of a loony Texan.

Some time back I decided I was going to do my semi-regular newspaper column on childhood haunts- those special places that stick in our heads.

It's that pizza place or that deli that you often found yourself in - for me it was a place called Danny's, a tiny little diner that looked like it had staggered out of Happy Days.

Sadly the owners weren't trying to emulate the Fonz's haunt - it just hadn't seen a new coat of paint or a good repair job since 1959...

But it was a refuge for my friends and I after school, a place you could forget about school, girls and parents and have some fun.

In response to this Pao ended up telling me all about one of his childhood haunts - Texas' Conan's Pizza - my column ended up being one of the few times our paper has written about pizza, role playing games, the art of Frank Frazetta and callipygian curved lasses.

Yep, you heard me...

In response, ther very kind and oh so generous Pao sent me this shirt - and I thank him very much.

Sadly my wife recoils in horrors every time I wear the bloody thing...

Now, this might read like a bit of a nothing post, but I think my real point is that gaming (or blogging about gaming) brings people together.

Generally strange people, strange people with long, unwashed hair and a bad taste in shirts... but people none the less.

So - thanks to everyone out there gaming.

And I really just wanted to show off this shirt on the interwebs.

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  1. There's nothing finer than callipygian curved lasses. I'm just sorry the wife isn't keen on the shirt :)

    Cheers to you, my friend. Enjoy the shirt when you can and tell the wife that I'm not really that bad a person. At least, my wife doesn't think so :)