Monday, October 4, 2010

BoL: an NPC for every game III

You walk into a bar, right...
Aluyu gave the tavern door a shove, letting it swing open with a loud creak. Almost instantly the music and hubbub of voices stopped.
Stepping forward he drank in the room - a dozen faces stared back, each set of eye, each weathered cheek told a different story.
Unslinging his baldric he tossed his short sword to the wretch cowering by the door and mounted the creaky steps to the bar.
"Ale," he barked to the greasy tub of lard working behind the bar.
First the bard started wailing on his oddly shaped pipe. then the talk resumed.
When the drink had come and the sellsword had parted with two copper bits, he turned to take in the other patrons.

So, back by popular demand are more ready made NPCs for Barbarians of Lemuria

The Duelist
Noble houses are known to frequently feud and when they do, it is better to send hirelings to do the dirty work.
Once a mere vagabond the duelist has made a name for himself as the fastest blade in town.
When a noble wants a rival removed or an opponent humiliated, they call the duelist.
For a simple pouch of gold that rival will suddenly find himself facing off with this dark caped swordsman in a back alley.
St: 1 Ag: 1 Md: Ap:
Bwl: Mle: 2 Msl: Dfc:

Mercenary 1
Thief 1
Longsword, short sword, dark clothes

Gentleman adventurer
Some men are content to sit at home, grow fat off their coins and die content. Others like this gentleman find they have a thirst for something much more.
Once a rich noble this character sold off all his possessions in order to quest into dary crypts, deep jungles and across unending seas.
Generally found bloodied and bruises or covered in grime the gentleman adventurer spends coins as fast as he receives them on financing his next great adventure.
St: -1 Ag: 1 Md: 1 Ap: 1
Bwl: Mle: 1 Msl: Dfc: 1

Noble 1
Soldier 1
Heavy armour decorated with silver links and studded with gems, expertly painted shield, ridiculously plumed helmet, short sword

Big Game Hunter
With feline grace a beauty one would expect to find this lass on a sheik's pleasure barge. Instead this wild woman lives for one thing: the hunt.
An expert tracker she is proficient with a range of hunting weapons and has been known to go weeks without sleep or rest while on the hunt.
Little is known about her, but is reputed to be the last of a tribe of savages who lived high in the mountains. A tribe where women ruled by their might and men were mere pretty playthings.
St: Ag: 1 Md: -1 Ap: 2
Bwl: Mle: 1 Msl: 1 Dfc:
Hunter 2
Brace of spears, knife, slings. Leather and fur garments (acts as very light armour)

Withered seeress
The seeress can see into the future. And, it is reputed, into the very hearts of men.
But to gave upon her is to risk madness and only the bravest will seek her counsel.
Over the years she has been in the employee of great lords, ladies, kings and empresses but only for a short period.
Her mere appearance is enough to make her employees sick of her. Despite her wealth, the seeress wears tattered dark robes and the few who have seen past her ratty veils say she is horrid to look upon.
But folk still seek her visions.
St: Ag: Md: 3 Ap: -1
Bwl: Mle: Msl: 1 Dfc: 1
Sorceress 1
Scribe 1
Tattered robes, occult trinkets, fetishes and objects.

The haunted highwayman
Once this bandit had a life, a wife and a babe on the hip. He was never rich but he had a farm and some land.
All this changed when bandits came - his wife was raped and then sold to the slavers and his child thrown into the fire.
He was given the chance - join or die. A coward he chose to side with the band and has spent the last years raiding and pillaging with the group.
But his thirst for vengeance has been carefully fed each day he spends with the brigands.
One day he will have his revenge.
St: 2 Ag: Md: Ap:
Bwl: 1 Mle: 1 Msl: Dfc:
Bandit 1
Farmer 1
Short sword, light armour

The Stout soldier
A fighter, fighting man, man-at-arms, serviceman, swad, warrior. He is all of these things.
The professional soldier is a fighter sworn to his lord's service - in return for protection and agreeing to fight when and wherever he receives food, lodging and gold.
His body is criss-crossed with the scars of his trade but life is good for this one.
St: 2 Ag: Md: Ap:
Bwl: 1 Mle: 2 Msl: -1 Dfc:
Soldier 2
Short sword, spear, shield


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