Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking for a villian... inquire within

I'm looking for a villain. The first stage of our latest campaign is rapidly coming to a conclusion - probably a bloody, hard-fought conclusion.
Once the dust settles, the wounds are bound and the wetstone is run over the swords I’m considering having another crack at DM'ing. It'll be my first DM'ing 4th edition - but life wasn't meant to be easy, right?

I've been throwing some ideas around - I'm seeing a big bad stirring up a gang war to get everyone looking the other way while he/she gears up to snatch up the city.
There may be links with the underdark and plenty of sleight of hand - the players will find themselves chasing smoke and fighting off lesser enemies until they finally reach the big boss.

Thoughts? Do I want a sexy, sultry succubus or medusa hiding behind a sumptuous mask? An elegant vampire sipping golden goblets of warmed blood from the safety of his villa as his cronies do the dirty work?
A doppelganger playing the part of a courtly, visiting merchant prince.
A human diabolist spinning evil webs of power around her?