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The North Kingdoms

So, guess what? I'm really not busy at work today. In case you hadn't guessed.
I'm supposed to be writing up some pub reviews but there's not a lot going on.
How about I upload my "North Kingdom" setting for BoL.
Please tell me what you think?

As I've mentioned before, this is out BoL campaign setting:

Tyr-Sog: The kingdom of Ty-Sog will be out starting setting - a large kingdom made up of several city-states ruled in the Sark's name by Satraps.
It's an old, crumbling kingdom. Some say the rot set in when the barbarian usurped the throne, others says the gods have cursed the land.
Either way, two of the northern satraps have risen up in rebellion - supported by the neighbouring Arnian League.

Tyr-Sog is a city of high culture and sophistication. A mix of all colours and sizes, but generally dark haired and dark eyed.Ruled by the Sark Osric the Red, a barbarian usurper who seized the crown 25-years-ago and is now an old man. He has no legitimate children and therefore the court is a mass of scheming plotters all ready for the bastard man to die. A city of traders, courtiers and scholars. The city is protected by an elite force of pikemen and charioteers.
-Great Wealth
-Marked by the Gods
-City dweller

The Arnian League: These city-states are organised in a relatively homogeneous country, mixing people with origins in Tyr, the far north and the surrounding area. A mix of colours and sizes can be seen.
Stout warriors, used to fending off the advances of the barbarians and plainsmen, the Leaguers are a hardy lot that struggle under a draconian set of rules enforced by the Ruling Council.
Rumours has it that the council are in fact wizards - or even worse,Yellow Druids.
They rely heavily on mercenaries but also count some of the best archers, backed by heavy cavalry in their ranks.
Magic Resistance
Nose for magic
Arn Longbow
Arnian War Cry:
Distrust of Sorcery
Morgazzon’s Curse

Kothian Confederation
The people of the confederation are generally slim, attractive folks with olive skin, dark eyes and hair.
A rather shaky alliance of cities that banded together to fend off the river and sea pirates.
On land their spearmen are decent warriors but the confederation’s real strength is it sea power. They constantly engaged in sea battles with pirates (and occasionally Tyr-Sog).
The best mariners are from the confederation.
Born sailor
Pirate killer
Swamp Tracker
City dweller
Missing Eye or Ear
Missing Limb

The Plains of Phut
Home to a mix of men and Ceruleans, a race of blue-skinned nomadic giants, also known as Blue Nomads.
Whilst they are fearsome-looking, Ceruleans are not an especially aggressive race.
They are actually great traders.
Men of the plains are either members of the nomad clans (must take a career in Barbarian) or grew up in one of the far-flung agricultural communities (must take farmer).
A hardy people, they are outdoorsmen, hunters, farmers and herders.
There are no cities on the plains and the nomads have very different customs, traditions and gods to the "cagers" as they labels the farmers. (ie; they live in a cage, not under the stars).
While the farmers gather in small, close-knit and conservative settlements the nomads are a wild bunch.
Their caravans are great, rambling affairs with animals running to and forth.
They also have a strong oral tradition and elaborate customs on welcoming in guests and travellers.
Guests are always welcome with the strong kilsk wine, bread and meat and a spot by the fire. By tradition if a guest enters the tent or caravan of a family he is offered everything by the family and take what he wants: drink your wine, eat your food and bed your wife.
Plains Tracker
Sling: Roll an extra die when firing a sling.
Beast Friend
Country Bumpkin

Oxy (the city of the dead)
Once a great city-state that controlled much of the surrounding lands.
The city’s Sark was a cruel and proud warrior who dispatched soldiers far and wide.
After crushing the armies of the city of Kruell, sacking the city and putting the populace to the sword he declared that he was mightier that any of the 20 gods.
Things turned for the worse - the Sark and his family were murdered in a coupe, crops failed, the army mutinied and plague spread.
The people called on the gods to come but they did not listen. Only the grim temple of Nemmereth, the death god, had remained (someone had to bury the bodies).
They restored order once more - but now the priesthood rules the city.
The dour people are dark and swarthy in this grim city where laughter is rarely heard.
The temple controls every aspect of the city, keeping order with its hired swords and elite temple troops.
There are great crypts beneath the city but few dare to break in - fearing the temple guards and what ever undead horrors lurk below.
Few thieves have come back for the Belows. Those that have gibber like madmen and usually take their own lives.

Blind Combat
Detect Deception
Feels the Cold
Touched by the Death God: Work with the GM to determine how this manifests itself. Madness, etc.

Valkarian wastes: Valgardians are a tall, muscular race, many with red or fair hair, of warlike tribesman.
If you come from Valkard, one of your careers is barbarian. You are unlikely to be a sorcerer or alchemist, but they are not unknown in Valgard.
Keen Scent
Marked by the
Quick Recovery
Valgardian Blade
Valgardian War Cry
Country Bumpkin
Distrust of Sorcery
Feels the Heat

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