Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter monster challenge

Happy Easter for tomorrow everyone!

If you're like me and find holiday gatherings equals you drinking too much and reading blogs such as this to avoid a) helping with the cooking b) breaking up fights between your wife and mother and c) admitting that you ate all the easter eggs, help me out with a little BoL monster mash.

I'm constructed a sandbox-esque BoL campaign, basically our pcs roll into town and are presented with a variety of things they can do:

-want to sign on as a caravan guard and escort traders out through the old graveyard and through bandit country? Sign here me good lad.

- want to explore the ancient catacombs and tombs beneath the city? Well, yes young blade - find that the big bloody hole in the street.

- Interested in getting caught up with the feuding noble houses of the city? Sure, sign on over there.

One of the offers will be to go and loot an old wizard's tower in the foot hills to the east. The priesthood that runs the city of Oxy want two large stone tablets "retrieved" from the ruined tower.

Anything else in there is open season.

I've built up a back story about An-nut Sadat, a powerful sorcerer some 300-years-ago. While a lover of the high priestess, he fell out with the Temple over his research into undeath.

Seemed Sadat wasn't keen on running into the arms of the Grim One when his time came.

He was exiled and settled in the flinty foothills about a three day journey to the north east.

It's made known that the temple wants certain tablets brought back from the tower - for what reason? Well, no one's saying.

BUT - what does one populate a BoL style dungeon with? If we were playing DnD - it would be a simple matter to throw in a tribe of goblins, a couple ghouls and let it roll.

BoL, with its sword and sorcery setting provides a whole new set of challenges.

I'm thinking a mechanical guardian/trap poised over the tablets themselves. A couple ghouls in the crypts and a giant spider roosting in the main hall.

But what else - lend me a hand in populating my wizard's tower

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  1. Maybe some sort of largish creature. But the catch is: It is undead!