Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BoL: an NPC for every game II

As I've said before - I love a back story. And back by popular demand.... here's some more BoL NPCs.

The tired pit fighter
This gladiator has been fighting on the sands, before the cheering (and jeering) crowds of Arn for far too long.
He's killed close companions and watched others died during the 10 long years he's been enslaved and slowly he's coming apart at the seems.
And now he wants out.
St: Ag: 1 Md: -1 Ap: 2
Bwl: Mle: 2 Msl: -1 Dfc: 1
Gladiator: 2
Paired short swords (d6 each), spiked gauntlets, helm.

The hired slayer
This beauty does her best work under the cover of darkness - no, not that work. Rather this lady of shadows is a skilled and cunning assassin who plies her trade for the various nobles and factions that vie for supremacy in the Arnian League.
It is whispered that she was once the daughter of a noble house herself, or a royal concubine who broke free from her restrictive life and found a taste for danger.
St: Ag: 1 Md: Ap: 1
Bwl: Mle: Msl: 1 Dfc: 1
Assassin: 1 Dancer: 1
Brace of daggers, garote , poisons, lock picks

The robber knight
Second sons are useless. At least that's what this lad's father told him from day one. Born the second son of a minor Arnian house he left his father's holdings aged 17 with little more than a trained war kroark, his weapons, his armour and his squire.
Since then he's made his living by his sword, fighting as a mercenary for and against the various feuding princelings that make up borderlands.
Even years of constant battle have not dulled his sense of honour and fairness however/
St: 2 Ag: Md: Ap:
Bwl: Mle: 1 Msl: 1 Dfc:
Mercenary: 1 Noble: 1
Heavy armour (d6) and helm, Sword, lance, crossbow.

The willful witch
It is said adventurers crossing the barren hill lands to the north of the city of Arn might run into this woman. Coldly beautiful with a voice like amber wine and dancing eyes, this woman is reputed to be a worker of magic and old power - despite his residence in a run down hut in the wastelands.
Few know anything about her, save that she will give out simple magic trinkets, directions to ancient and lost ruins or advice on tackling mighty foes. But there is a price, regardless of sex or age, you'll be drawn into her bed for the night.
St: -1 Ag: Md: 1 Ap: 2
Bwl: Mle: Msl: Dfc: 2
Sorceress: 1 Alchemist: 1
Robes, staff

The penant pilgrim
Sentenced to seek a far off, long forgotten shrine to the godsmith, Yrzlak, for a crime he hardly remembers, this pilgrim has been travelling for a long time.
Along the way he's heard many tales and knows all manner of lore and news.
St: 1 Ag: -1 Md: 1 Ap: 1
Bwl: 1 Mle: Msl: Dfc: 1
Farmer: 1 Bard: 1
Short bow, travelling cloack

The cloistered scribbler
Obviously a scribe - from the ink stained fingers, the constant squint and the sallow skin - he's made name as one of the better scribblers in Arn. Considering some 85 per cent of the League can't read or write, this might not be saying all that much though...
Born the son of a simple trader he was given to the Great Library aged five, when it became obvious he was smarted than he seemed.
For the past 25 years he has hardly ventured out of the cloistered library.
St: - Ag: -1 Md: 3 Ap:
Bwl: Mle: Msl: Dfc: 2
Scribe: 1 Merchant: 1
Robes, inks and writing materials.

The rural healer
This priestess of Afyra has served the lady of healing for longer than most people live. Wise in the ways of healing she has travelled from township to township and household to household, caring for the sick, assisting in births and preaching that men do good to one another.
For the most part she lives on the charity of those that she helps.
She avoids the Arnian cities, fearing the rough justice of the Council because she has long been a voice against their Draconian rules and abuse of power and knows full well that they slay anyone who speaks against them - even old women.
St: -1 Ag: -1 Md: 2 Ap: 1
Bwl: Mle: Msl: 1 Dfc: 1
Priest: 1
Healer: 1
Staff, short bow, travelling gear and various potions.

The cunning soldier
A stout soldier of fortune, a curiouser and fighter with the best of them: he just as likely to be seen buying ale for others as he is in the shield wall.
In reality this mercenary is in fact an operative for the rival kingdom of Tyr-Sog. The Sark, Osric has spent almost a decade training up his intelligence services and this man is one of them.
Once an officer with the Tyr Household infantry he was picked for "special duty" early and now roams enemy lands in the guise as a simple sell sword, all the while reporting back to his masters.
St: 1 Ag: Md: 1 Ap:
Bwl: 2 Mle: Msl: Dfc:
Soldier: 1
Thief: 1
Long sword, shield, helm, light armour

The dutiful daughter:
Once this lass was the eldest daughter of a large and industrious merchant family. Her father had his eyes on marrying into the upper crust of Arnian society and quickly married her off to the first struggling noble he could find.
The clammy-handed slug in question just happened to the main tax collector and was well connected, meaning no one cared that he beat his young wife or regularly amused himself with young slave boys.
Unable to take it any more, she fled - leaving a dagger buried in her husband's eye socket, and joined the first band of robbers, bandits and footpads she found.
First she was a simply fighter, then the bandit leader's lover and finally the leader herself.
St: 1 Ag: 1 Md: Ap:
Bwl: 1 Mle: 1 Msl: Dfc:
Noble: 1 Mercenary 1
Sword, dagger, very light armour

The ambitious prizefighter
This fighter started his life as a tribesman on the Plains of Phut until the slavers came - his new wife and son were killed and he was dragged to Arn in chains and put to work in the salt mines until he killed one of the overseers in a fist fight.
Rather than a quick death he was taken to Arn and put in the sand circle, fighting barehanded - while not as glorious as the great arena, the fights always sold out.
A solid string of wins won him his freedom and now he hopes he can continue to advance in polite society until he finds the man responsible for his enslavement.
St: 2 Ag: 1 Md: Ap: -1
Bwl: 2 Mle: Msl: Dfc:
Slave: 1 Gladiator: 1
Silver studded Cestus fighting gloves. Villa and slaves.

The reluctant executioner
The Arnian League is governed by a council of 12, over an assembly of 120 who appointed two Epur - or generals. The Leaguers like to pretend they live by a democracy where everyone is free. In reality they don't even have the trappings of democracy and the council is made up old men who hold their positions for life and the assembly does what it's told.
The two Euprs however are required to run the army and keep the peace and can't get aspirations beyond their station.
Which is what happened in this case - the former brilliant general has been appointed Lord High Executioner and meets out the council's judgement as a "reward" for speaking out against his superiors.
St: 1 Ag: Md: Ap: 1
Bwl: Mle:2 Msl: Dfc:
Soldier: 1 Executioner: 1
Great sword, black robes.


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