Monday, April 5, 2010

BoL hero: Gezun il'Belac

Sorceress Gezun Il'Belac was the daughter of a wealthy noble family of the Kothian Confederation. The second daughter, among a brood of five she was destined from a young age to be married off to cement a political alliance.

But while her sibling were content to play the games of politics, live the pampered live of a noble and spend their family's coins Gezun found herself drawn to something greater.

She was betrothed at 15 to the heir to a merchant family from the Arnian League and unlike her counterparts she set out to learn the trade of her husband to be.

Her friends and ladies in waiting mocked her: she only needed to learn how to be beguiling and beautiful, not how to do the work of her husband.

A woman only needs to be desirable, not competent, they said.

Only a week before the wedding her husband died of a fever and Gezun returned to the womens' quarter of her family home.

Lacking direction she turned to the musty old scrolls and tomes left by a distant relative and slowly started teaching herself the basics of spellcraft.

Meanwhile her family set about finding her a new suitor. Things change dramatically when Zull ebin il'Belac arrived at the family home and demanded the girl come with him.

The wizard, a distant cousin, took Gezun in and began her studies. Even from afar he had felt her power, slowly growing.

After several years learning with her kinsmen she was sent out to find her own way.

Now Gezun, still only newly initiated to the arcane arts, is on the search for adventure.

Gezun il'Belac

Strength 0

Agility 1

Mind 1

Appeal 2

Brawl -1

Melee 1

Ranged 2

Defence 1


Noble 1

Merchant 1

Scribe 1

Wizard 1

Lifeblood: 10

Hero points: 5

Protection: Very light armor (protection d3-1)

Weapons: Curved sword, Bow, dagger.

Boons: Attractive

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