Thursday, April 8, 2010

BoL Friday Saga challenge

After coming across this topic on the Barbarians of Lemuria forum:

I thought I'd throw the floodgates open.

What BoL adventurers have you got in mind?


  1. I like to build from simple concepts when starting a game/adventure.

    My BoL world is a bit more "The Hobbit" than Conan (well, you have probably read my description a few times on the messageboard).

    The last adventure begins with a handful of skeleton troopers entering town and proclaiming that the necromancer lord now owns this town and several miles all around.

    Then the undead start pouring in to make their homes. The group must find a way out eventually, realizing that they need to find help somewhere, not just stand around fighting skeletons and ghouls all night.

  2. I likes this! Did the undead lord end up puttin in an showing?

  3. Not yet, but there has been a lot of scrambling and panic.