Sunday, April 25, 2010

BoL: play report

So our group finally got together for a game of BoL. I was joined by Chris, a Canadian bloke, and Sam, another Aussie. None of us knew each other (we met via a Australian RPG forum). Another mate of mine was due to play but couldn't get here for various reasons.
And you know what? We had a lot of fun.

Massive shout out to Pao over at www.strangestones.wordpress for coming up with the original "getting together... BoL style" idea.
Chris decided he would roll uo Manatha Albarn (wizard/alchemist/blacksmith/healer) a sorceress who operates a small alchemy/apothecary shop in the temple controlled city of Oxy (see previous posts to read about my saga's setting. Sam decided she was going to be mistress Manatha' general dogsbody - a farm boy who came to the big city, got mixed up on the wrong side of the law and ended up working for her ladyship in a fixer/scout/bodyguard capacity. (farmer/hunter/thief/assassin).
The pair were looking through the equipment and weapons section when I dropped this little bomb shell on them:

"You're not sure if it's the fetid stench, the grating feeling of the shackles about your wrists or the sheer smell of unwashed bodies, filth and human waste that wakes you. Groggily you come to, realising you're chained to the scummy walls of a dank, dark cell across from each other.
Suddenly there is a series of metallic clangs and a hatch above you flies open and a body falls into the pool of greasy water in the middle of the room.
"Sleep well, we hang you tomorrow, traitor," a rough voices booms.
Meanwhile the figure in the middle of the room lets out a low groan..."

I'd like to point out here that about half an hour before kick off, I realised that I'd left all my material at work and had nothing to go on, so I just winged the whole thing - and the beauty of this system is that you can. I mean, I had a basic idea of what I wanted: pcs wake up in the dungeon and try and escape but nothing else.

The (very!) drunk figure in the middle of the room turned out to be Tarl, a swordsman. He had little memory of the night before but seemed to think there was a city-wide crack down: the temple was worried about a brewing war between two of the city's noble houses and was locking up anyone for anything.
Manatha used her magic to replicate acid on her companion's shackles at the Gerun, the young rogue managed to open his mistress'. Tarl decided to tag along - I spun a nice little story about a whore, a lack of payment and the killing of one of the temple guardsmen during the ensuing brawl, complete with drunken, slurred speech. (It wasn't acting, I think I was still on a high from the night before)
Our trio eventually encountered a lone, drunken guard. And the idea was for the pcs to get a quick kill by overpowering the drunk, take his weapons and have a real chance to fight their way free.
I've never seen anyone roll so many "2s". Within a couple of rounds, the sorceress was trying to fight off the drunk with a now unlit torch, Gerun was badly injured and three other guards had joined the fray.
In an amazing feat, the pcs decided to douse all the lights and leg it back the way they came - eventually tracking down and ambushing the guards who decided to go back and call for help.
Things went down hill from here as the party (now armed) found signs that something horrible was eating the other prisoners.
They eventually stumbled into an old tomb complex and found the horrid Phestas that was to blame.
Instead of fighting the thing - they actually used its acid spitting ability to collapse a section of roof in an effort to escape.
I had mentioned that much of the roof looked aged and cracked - they decided to stab the thing from both side with spears and hoist it into the worse section of roof - needless to say, the acid spitting thing burned its way through the roof and into.... the temple above.
However, for every round spent in the now collapsing room I made them roll to dodge falling bits of ceiling. One roll - save. Second roll - save. I rolled for the highly amusing NPC, Tarl: natural 2...
Everyone was very sad that the poor drunken SOB copped a giant hunk of stone right in the head and was reduced to a bloody mess.

Our heroes, low lacking poor Tarl, followed the Phestas' trail of destruction - by appropriating temple robes and keeping well back.
Our saga ended as they decided to check out their shop (I decided it had been ransacked by the Temple guards who arrested them) before heading for the city gates to get the fuck out of Dodge.
All of this was totally on the fly - I casually mentioned that the roof looked weak and they decided to use the poor monster to bust free. On a whim I thought "why not have them now bust into the bath chamber of the female adepts of the temple..." and it went from there.
Everywhere, half naked temple girls were running and screaming while the gibbering, slug-like thing charged about and our pcs tried to look innocent.
The Phestas was eventually named "Slappy the seal" because of the very camp waddle I gave it.

It was a fun. Lots of fun: between them deciding to burn through the bloody roof using a spear-hoisted monster, to the poor drunk being killed by bits of falling roof, to the bizarre run through the temple, complete with screaming women and howling monster. Lots of fun!


  1. Huzzah! That's all that needs to be said, I think. Hu-effing-zzah!

    (oh, and I'm honored and delighted to have been able to contribute the seed that got you started off, amigo. you ran with it beautifully!)

  2. It was a very fun session. And once more - thanks again Pao! Your idea worked perfectly and was an easy, on the fly start up session.
    Now I'm keen to see how the pcs go as they flee into the desert.