Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BoL monster: Phestas

These hideous monsters generally dwell in dark, damp caves, catacombs and dungeons and will pick off the unwary who wander near its lair.
Always solitary they attempt to eat anything they find – usually by striking from ambush.
Using their sticky, suction like underbelly they’ll often cling to the roof or walls and drop onto unsuspecting passers-by, simultaneously spitting a corrosive acid they can ferment in their gut.
They resemble sickly green jellyfish but with two long blubbery ‘‘arms’’ that protrude from their midsection that they can use to grapple and hold an opponent down.
Once they’ve killed something, they’ll generally cover it with their body and continue to inject acid until the food is soft enough to digest.
Dark tales tell of tomb robbers pinned down by the Phestas and slowly killed by its acid over a period of days or even weeks.

enveloping it.
Signs that one is living in the area usually entails finding blobs of green goop and acid melted bones.
St: 2
Ag: -1
Mnd: -1
Protection: 0 (that blubbery hide is helping no one)
Lifeblood: 30
Combat quality: Attacks: 2 - mouth attack (1 bite or acid spit) and claws (1 claw attack)
Bite: d6, claws: d4 each.
Acid spit: The Phestas make a foul and corrosive acid deep in their guts which they can spit at the beginning of combat dealing 2d6 - 3.
Every second round after that they can spit a slightly watered down version of the acid, dealing 1d4.
Heroes hit by the acid spit will take two points of damage per round unless they Tricky task roll using strength. (ie: -1 to roll).

The acid will eventually eat through steel, leather, flesh and bone and this foul creature will use it to soften up food before eating.

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