Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life happens

So life, much like shit, happens. Put it on a bumper sticker.
I had teed up our first Barbarians of Lemuria adventure for Sunday, through email and RPG forums I'd managed to contact a Canadian guy who had recently moved here and a local girl who were both keen to give BoL a go.
I'd also managed to con an old friend of mine to get involved.
All of them had some roleplaying experience with the Canadian guy being the most experienced.
But I stuffed up.
My wife got sick on the Friday and instead of telling the players they all spent the weekend sitting by their email waiting for the message telling them a time and place.
Obviously my thoughts were not on roleplaying.

Anyway, hopefully this hasn't put the kybosh on getting these guys together another time. They seem like a good bunch and I'm very keen to get playing a BoL saga with them.

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  1. Hope you get to reschedule, real life has put a major halt on my gaming lately.